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Edmonton city council eyes

Edmonton city council eyes City efforts to get motorists to cut back on short cutting through neighbourhoods have hit some roadblocks. "We do not believe the current processes are effectively addressing traffic short cutting," cheap jerseys states an audit report on traffic calming measures presented to council members on Monday. The neighbourhood is sandwiched between two arterial roads and the river valley. When congestion builds up on University Avenue and 114 Street, motorists shortcut through the neighbourhood, causing safety issues. Vehicles cut past schools, through back alleys and a service road meant for one way traffic. "At times, it can take 20 minutes to get out of the neighbourhood if we're trying to head east or south," he said. "As part of that congestion there are frustrated drivers who want to get home." Belgravia is set to undergo neighbourhood renewal construction this fall and he hopes the city will deal with the traffic calming at the same time. "I'll stay optimistic, otherwise I wouldn't be trying to fight city hall," Shroeter said. Coun. Bev Esslinger brought forward a motion to address short cutting in a proactive manner, including clarification of a single point of contact for short cutting issues, addressing policy conflicts, and including best practises and analysis based on other municipalities. On top of that, she wants the city to address quick wins in neighbourhoods where a cheap and fast fix will help. "Too many neighbourhoods are still struggling," she said. She is disappointed some neighbourhoods that have already been on the list for traffic calming are on the list again. The city until now has made residents in affected areas jump through so many hoops that many never make it to the final steps, Esslinger said. Council's traffic calming guidelines were created in 2003, but a pilot project of two neighbourhoods didn't start until 2013. Adam Homes, transportation planning branch manager, said the city is currently working on a modified traffic calming guideline for the Pleasantview and Prince Charles neighbourhoods. Homes blames rapid growth on the city's outer limits and increased density within for the growing traffic woes. Traffic calming can range from small scale local solutions, like speedbumps, costing tens of thousands of dollars to $500,000, to $2 million major projects, like traffic circles.


Edmonton dance club denies

Edmonton dance club denies free tap water to designated driver But if you ask for glass of water, you might have to pay for it. Sarah Kraus explains. Karl Jorden is speaking out after he said he was denied drinking water at an Edmonton dance club. When Jorden's friend cheap jerseys came to visit from Saskatchewan, he rounded up a few more pals and headed to Krush Ultra Lounge in the west end for a night of dancing. "We were there having a good time and spent a lot of time on the dancefloor. It was very warm in there, so we were all thirsty." According to Jorden, the group of five rang up a $250 tab on food and drinks before one of his friends started to feel unwell. Karl recently went to Krush Ultra Lounge in west yeg he was DD, but a friend felt sick after drinking and needed water. Had to pay $3.50. "We tried to get some water [we] went up to the bar and they said, 'It's not our policy to give out tap water.' They provided bottled water at $3.50 and that was it," he said. "I think it's pretty ridiculous. Water's pretty cheap." Jorden thought he was just dealing with an unhelpful bartender, so he found a manager, hoping they could help. Instead, the manager told him the same thing. "I was surprised. I'd never been denied water at an establishment. Being the designated driver, I was like, 'What is going on?' All I wanted was water, and they wouldn't give it to me." Karl says he thinks it a poor business decision to make customers pay for water. He rather pay cover than buy bottled water. "We don't give out free glasses of water," he said. Baudenburger said because they don't have a cover charge, they need to make money somehow off guests that aren't drinking. What do you think yeg should liquor venues have to give free tap water if asked? Krush charges $3.50 a bottle. Baudenburger admits Krush has received complaints about the policy in the past and is always evaluating its stance. "I don't believe that's good business for anyone, really," Jorden said. "If they're interested in the health of their clientele and they want them coming back, they should be doing things that support that." He said he'd be fine with a cover charge. "If I had to choose, I'd rather pay cover, because you never know how much water you're going to consume in a night," Jorden explained. Technically, the practice is not illegal. "Non alcoholic drinks must be provided, but it is up to the licensee if they charge or not. Most venues, however, do provide free water because it's good customer service and it's just the socially responsible thing to do," said Eric Baich, manager of social responsibility with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

2014.06.05 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

TBS 『いっぷく!』

2014年6月6日(金) 8:00~9:55

2014.06.02 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

CX(フジテレビ) 日本語探Qバラエティ『クイズ!それマジ!?ニッポン』


2014.05.20 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

宝島社 『smart』

2014年5月24日(土)発売 2014年7月号
雑誌のサイトはこちら インタビュー掲載

2014.05.12 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

YTV(読売テレビ) 『爆笑!ジャパニズム宣言~こんな日本に誰がした?~』


2014.05.08 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

KTV(関西テレビ) 『ピーコ&兵動のピーチケ♡パーチケ』


2014.05.01 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

NTV(日本テレビ) 『ヒルナンデス』


2014.04.22 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

CX(フジテレビ) 『ノンストップ!』 VTR出演


2014.04.18 - [ マイケル富岡 ]

CX(フジテレビ) 『教訓のススメ』


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